How to update Ghost installation on Heroku


I’ve deployed Ghost to Heroku using GitHub - thelovekesh/ghost-v4-on-heroku: Deploy the latest ghost v4 on Heroku.

How do I keep the Ghost installation up to date?

You can download this repo and update the Ghost version manually using the command npm update ghost and then push it to your Heroku dyno. Since Heroku is a Git Based workflow PaaS your configurations will not change only your codebase will take effect.
So if you are thinking of updating your Ghost version then download the code repo → update ghost → push to the Heroku.

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Got it. Thank you!

So, the commands will look like these:
git clone
npm update ghost
git push heroku master

Absolutely. If you face any problem again then ask me again.

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Wait, so if

Ghost is added as a dependency so Heroku downloads the Ghost CMS during the deployment

how does downloading the code repo → updating Ghost locally → pushing to Heroku update the core Ghost installation? Aren’t the files in Heroku ephemeral? Wouldn’t these new files get deleted once the dyno is reset?

I just want to make sure I can keep up to date with the latest security patches. For what it’s worth, I followed these steps and now my Ghost version is 4.6.4. I’m just a little confused with what you mentioned on this other thread.

You haven’t understood the Heroku architecture yet. The codebase that you deploy to Heroku doesn’t change. But when you upload a file to Heroku like uploading images through form or uploading files that are not in the scope of your codebase gets deleted after the dyno restarts.

Thank you for the clarification.

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