Ghost deployment with Heroku

What is the correct workflow to deploy with Heroku?

With your Great Repo: GitHub - thelovekesh/ghost-v4-on-heroku: Deploy the latest ghost v4 on Heroku

  1. I Forked your repo in Github
  2. I deploy to Heroku. It works great!
  3. I create a post, upload an image. It works great (image is in the folder /content/images/2021/05)
  4. I do some changes in the Github repo . (Change a file theme for example)
  5. I deploy again to Heroku. the folder /content is overridden and the image previously uploaded has been deleted.

How can we avoid this?


Images should not saved in the /content/images. It should be uploaded to the cloudinary or aws s3. Have you removed cloudinary add-on?

Actually, the cloudinary storage adapter was not working after the deployment. Now you can re-deploy your ghost blog and the images now store on the Cloudinary. After pushing changes to the Heroku your images will not be lost now for sure!